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by kiabeth on VeracityCPRTraining

Rachel is a very good instructor. She was very thorough and very hands on. I was running late and she was very understanding too. I definitely recommend her!

by Ashley Arteaga on VeracityCPRTraining
BLS Certification

Rachel is the best instructor and I would recommend her to everyone I know. I am coming out of school and she reached out to me after I inquired and thought I had the wrong class. She was nice and asked what I was looking for and was able to guide me in the right direction, she has everything organized and clean and is very hands on. She helps you from start to finish ensuring that you are soaking in all the information to execute correctly. Thank you for your professional manner and continuing to help others make a difference in the world.

by Gerard on VeracityCPRTraining

Rachel was an amazing instructor and educator. She is very enthusiastic about the health care field and is willing to share her experiences with you. She is extremely kind and diligent in helping you understand the skills and makes you feel comfortable. If she notices you are weak in an area, she will make sure to refresh your understanding before the session ends. 5 stars!

by Joleen on VeracityCPRTraining
Rachel is Amazing !!

Rachel was such an awesome instructor so kind . I highly recommend her she makes u feel so comfortable this was my first class and can’t wait to see her again in 2 yrs . 5 stars for-sure check her out and you will be happy . 🙂

by Brittany on VeracityCPRTraining

Rachel is an overall 5 star human! She's beyond smart, very kind, personable, and professional. On top of all of that she was very accommodating for me as I had to drive very far to take her class. I highly recommend taking Rachel's classes, she will make you feel confident and inspired.

by Natalie on VeracityCPRTraining
BLS Provider

This was an excellent class! Rachel was very knowledgable! A small class size which I appreciate during these times (COVID). I highly recommend it! Our temperatures were checked before entering. I also appreciated that the mannequins lit up to give feedback for rate and depth of compression.

by Natasha on VeracityCPRTraining

LOVED Rachel! She is knowledgeable, thorough and has a spark in her eye filled with passion for the medical field. I'm very happy to have taken her course to renew my BLS amd to do my initial ACLS. As an LVN in pursuit of RN, i was pretty frazzled, however, Rachel explained thorouhly for any questions I had. Will definitely be using her for PALS when I can as well as future re certifications.

by Tayler on VeracityCPRTraining
BLS CPR Training

Rachel is a wonderful instructor: very clear, efficient, and obviously very knowledgeable. This class was straight-forward and covers exactly what you need to know to get certified. With advanced degrees in Nursing, Rachel is very qualified and experienced. I especially appreciated being able to practice CPR on feedback mannequins which were very helpful to improve chest compression technique. I highly recommend this course for anyone who needs a certificate in Basic Life Support training.

by Cody on VeracityCPRTraining
BLS Renewal

Rachel was so kind and very helpful. She is very knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient. She did a great job explaining WHY we use certain tactics, which I thought was very helpful.

by Christine Robert on VeracityCPRTraining
A Joyful Professional!

It was my absolute honor to work with Rachel on my BLS CPR/First Aid re-certification! She cares deeply for people, her work and takes an active interest in the people she trains. She is very prepared with CoVid-19 safety protocols and I am so glad that I found her for my re-certification. I'm enrolled in the fall program at Oxnard College for EMT Certification and this was a very pleasant, efficient, immediate and local way for me to meet one of the critical requirements for the fall program.

Thanks so much, Rachel! I am honored to know you and grateful to you for all you are doing in this world. You are a true blessing and a gift to us all!

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